This smart pen can measure the size of any object -Instrumments 01

Although the rapid development of our technology, but when it comes to measuring the size of the object, or will use back to the old ruler or ruler, but also there are errors. The new company Instrumments thought of improving this part of the experience. This has brought Instrumments to the team that designed the product for Misfit 01: A product that combines writing tools and measurement tools, users simply need to point Instrumments 01 to the size of the object, it will be calculated for you, and apply In the three-dimensional surface it

Instrumments 01 can display, record and share your measurements on your Android phone or iPhone, and adjust the results automatically when you scale them. If the phone is not in the hands of the words, Instrumments 01 will flash to give you a light about.

Instrumments is for Instrumments 01 in the official website and Indiegogo charge orders, the first price of $ 149, will be accompanied by a $ 29 leather pen, is expected to ship on December 1. Pricing is right, but if you are doing regular measurements, Instrumments 01 may be worth the money.

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