Tesla SolarCity supplies its entire island with its solar system

Now Tesla has finally completed the acquisition of SolarCity, of course, to quickly show what the two cooperation can be done Hello. Tesla chose Ta’u Island in the American Samoa Islands to do the test goal, in the above established a self-sufficient micro-grid. Including a total of 5,328 solar panels with 60 Tesla Powerpack, providing a total of 1.4MW of maximum power generation with 6MWh of standby power. Ta’u Island is usually sunny, but even if the luck is particularly bad encounter cloudy days, these batteries are enough to supply Ta’u island three days time.
Ta’u Island area of ​​44 square kilometers, the population of less than 600, in the installation of solar power system before, is to rely on diesel generators to generate electricity every day to spend 1,130 liters of oil. Diesel is not only expensive but also must rely on shipping, if the schedule is delayed, then the island residents will take turns limiting. This set of solar energy system at the same time to solve the energy source and the two major problems at the same time, but also for environmental protection to do a part of it.

Of course, Ta’u Island is a “optimized” demonstration site, not only the weather is good, but the island is also no special cost of industrial and commercial activities. If replaced by an “advanced” point of the city, I am afraid that several times the solar farms enough to use it. More importantly, no one to provide exactly what the cost of installing this set of geometry (hint: government subsidies), so can not be soon to open, still between the two said.

In any case, it is hoped that this island can play a role in demonstrating human efforts to get rid of fossil fuels, at least in some corner of the world, and there is a small island that can be self-sufficient by clean energy.

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