Solar Road Start The Public Test In United States

The “Solar Roadways,” which had been tested for a few years ago in the United States State Road 66, entered the stage of public installation and chose one at the Jeff Jones Town Square in Sandpoint, Idaho. 13.9 square meters, a total of 30 Solar Roadways SR3 solar floor tiles power panel. It is expected that in addition to the power that can provide the nighttime ground show, it can also supply such pure energy as water spray facilities and public toilets.

In addition, these pieces look like a dancing machine tiles, in fact, also have the function of hot melt ice, and the future can also allow visitors to change the tiles of light display – if it is widely laid for Existing roads have a very good feature to enhance, but may still have to be more advanced testing and the need to continue to cost down, it is more likely to see in more public places.

It is clear that the official obviously also know that at this stage, we can not let everyone see Solar Roadways everywhere, so this time also set up a real video camera, so that the whole world can look through the network flash ah flash Solar tiles together to feel its sense of healing – in the writing of the moment, just also saw someone to go to take pictures with the “test step” it, the feeling of the Americans this stuff is still quite interesting ah.