Google Home Hayo wants you to control the home of the device

Think that with the voice or come up with a mobile phone to control the home of the IoT things or not intuitive? Looks like Amazon Echo or Google Home Hayo, chose to use the camera for space scanning technology to provide like Kinect gesture control function, so that you only need to perform a specific action in the corner of the house, you can Control of home networking equipment such as: fans, television, lighting and so on.

Hayo’s installation is fairly simple, just connect to Wi-Fi and use only one power cord behind it, no additional connection required. After completing the setup Hayo will scan the space it faces, and then you can change the gestures and position of the trigger function via the phone app. Like, pat the corner to open the lights, put the conductor’s gestures to play music and so on.

It is said that the practicality of this product has yet to be tested to know, after all, sometimes the gesture will be disturbed, on the other hand, there may be a false touch may (just want to exercise, the results open switch off a bunch of things) , But nothing more than waving his hand on the cup of coffee that makes people feel like the head of the degree of cool. But you still have to go and get coffee.