Real Edition “Pong” game table start fund raising plan

Do you remember the last year’s pong game plan? Now, you have the opportunity to buy it. Because it has been the embodiment of the fund-raising project, will be able to start with the lowest price of $ 1,100 this ultra-interesting physical game table – more interesting? Look at the video after the jump to know the friends. The retro game of the 1972 game, you can use the central disk to manipulate the rectangular block to block the opponent’s offensive, the edge of the colorful lighting effects is to make the whole game table looks more brilliant. And even if the usual stood, the central scoring version will show the time it.

According to the development team’s argument, this game table uses a magnet, motor and optical sensor to achieve the effect of the real version of the game. To provide a more livable use of the table on both sides of the control, a block is also an intimate design of the cover, you can make the entire desktop becomes completely flat. Although also can not choose the side of the Logo, so that he is more into the home environment, but Xiaobian actually loves this super cool feeling ah! Also, it also supports USB charging and can be used as a speaker – the cooler is the development team also collected everyone’s advice and ready to join the money to support, will allow you to save money!

If all goes well, this fund-raising project is expected to begin shipping in December this year, want to bring some interesting furniture for home or work environment friends; you can consider to see Hello.