DJI New Phantom 4 Advanced Camera Drone

Taking into account, the Phantom 4 will be officially shut down at the end of this month to adjust the sale of products in Xinjiang, in fact, can be expected to be things. So after the end of last year’s Phantom 4 Pro later, we also usher in a new Phantom 4 Advanced today. The biggest selling point of this new machine is to use a 1-inch 20MP sensor. At the same time it is also equipped with a mechanical shutter, can effectively prevent the process of moving the smear.

Also, Phantom 4 Advanced also has a five-head machine vision, with GPS / GLONASS positioning system, ultrasonic module and sensor redundancy can better avoid obstacles to ensure the safety of flight. In the part of the map, the control distance of up to 7 km. As for the duration of life, it will remain in about 30 minutes. For sale information, Phantom 4 Advanced with regular remote control is priced at $ 1,349; upgrade to Phantom 4 Advanced + package with integrated remote control (with 5.5 “1080p screen, GPS, compass, microSD card slot and HDMI jack) $ 1,639.

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Camera Drone should be the new best camera drone, comparing to all the drone before. If you are looking for a comparison for more top drones, you may want to check out the top 10 best camera drones review in 10 Trumps.