Tesla will provide night power for Hawaii through Powerpack

Following the demonstration of Tesla and SoloarCity in Ta’u Island in the American Samoa Islands, the self-sufficient microgrids were laid out, and now they moved to the larger island of Kauai, Hawaii, More than five thousand pieces, increased to an area of 45 acres (about 182 square meters) of 54,978 tablets. It is expected to use the 272 Powerpack produced by Gigafactory to store 13MW of electricity during the day at 53MWh’s total battery capacity for use at night.

This cooperation with the energy company KIUC will be able to effectively reduce the local electricity costs (Hawaii electricity for the United States the highest). It is estimated that with the help of this system, 1.6 million gallons of fuel will be reduced each year. Kauai Island’s short-term goal is to achieve 70% of renewable energy use in 2030 and set the ultimate goal of 20% in 2045.