The Roli Blocks suite makes it easier to create music

Music without boundaries, gently humming a few melodies can continue to develop into complex music. Just so free to create the content, or need some media to record, management, can be used in the future with it. Roli inspired the DJ panel tool, created Lightpad Block and Block series module accessories, allowing users to simply press, point, slide to create and record music melody, quite suitable for music lovers to create music.

Lightpad Blocks with white bread sizes are touch panels with a soft cover on the surface of the block, which will light up a different color box, and each cell represents a scale (up to 5 x 5), so it will be issued The corresponding sound. In conjunction with iOS app “Noise” or with a magnetic connection on the Loop Block / Live Block accessories can adjust the tone, musical instruments and other different sound settings. And that a Lightpad Block is not enough words, but also can be connected with a few more, can be used to expand the scale.

As the Lightpad Block support multi-point touch, so the user can also send it a number of syllables, by sliding, forced to press, but also issued a unique portamento and accent, so melody becomes more diversified. In the demonstration video, several musicians use Lightpad Block to play a piece of music, very interesting!