The Best Camera Holder: OSMO Mobile From DJI

DJI are going to bring us a super camera holder for DJI drone, which is called OSMO mobile! To shoot pictures with your only smart phone, DJI makes this stable holder for drone instead of the old camera holder in DJI drone.

This OSMO is applying the same technology with Phantom 4, which is called the Active Track. This tech is helping to keep the camera stable. Why is it the best? This is the good question! Different from other phone holders, it can adjust the smartphone camera’s light, lens, and more pro features, and the biggest surprise is that the OSMO can follow your face with the smartphone camera! Cool right?

However, there are some cons in this device. The charging needs more than 2 hours, but it only works about 4 hours. The other point is, the DJI app, which controls the OSMO, will speed up the smart phone’s power consuming.