AT & T’s intelligent street lights will help smooth traffic with detective shootings

Each vendor has imagined for smart cities, and AT & T has officially announced their plans on CES this year, announcing that it will work with GE to install their CityIQ sensor in a number of urban street lights in the United States Above. In addition to intelligent lighting can be adjusted, but also through the sensor to obtain a lot of additional information such as traffic conditions, parking spaces, air quality, sudden weather and even shooting events.

The plan will be officially launched from Santiago, GE’s sensor is to become a cost of 30 million US dollars part of the updated street system. By replacing 14,000 LED lamps, the city will be able to save $ 2.4 million in spending. And through the 3,200 group CityIQ sensor is through it on the microphone, the camera and other sensors to the city for each node to provide a large data sources. AT & T will carry out the transmission of these materials at a high level of security and will not be accompanied by any personal information to avoid concerns about the safety of the individual.

When the system is on the line, it will be AT & T’s M2X and Flow Designer open platform for traffic monitoring, parking optimization, shooting detection, air monitoring, weather warning and other services. And will open to the public, developers, enterprises and academic units of these information, to promote economic development to make the city more progress.