Print out a house in 24 hours

It’s not surprising to use 3D to build a 3D building, but a new team from San Francisco, this time in 24 hours through their technology, directly in Russia built a 3D print house, which is really full of powerful The. Apis Cor uses a 3D printer that can be transported by a general truck on a general truck, and most of the structure of a house is “printed” by stacking it through cement, mostly because it is Such as window frames, structural fill, roof and other projects, are still rely on artificial way, but through the 3D printing of the main building, or for the project to save a lot of time, and can provide a very high design flexibility, and Can reduce construction costs.
The complete house, built by Apis Cor, covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 38 square meters, with only one floor tall and there is no foundation for the previous demonstration video. But within 24 hours will be able to produce a considerable sense of design of the shelter, with the US dollars in the total cost of 10,000 dollars, such a unit of the building, the price can basically be said to be cheaper than a lot of cars it

In addition to a lot of low cost of building, Apis Cor’s 3D printer can work in quite extreme environments – it can be printed at minus 35 degrees Celsius, but with a large tent to be affected by snow and snow. The working range of a single boom is roughly 4-8.5 meters within the radius of the center of the circle, the height is supported up to a maximum of 3.1 meters and the maximum construction area is about 132 square meters.
In fact, the current display appears, Apis Cor is mainly to show the potential of their own technology, let people understand that through the 3D printing to create a basic function of the house is not empty talk, and if you want to carry out more advanced engineering applications, see It should not be too big question. To see if they have other manufacturers can be based on this, with the traditional method to build a more large-scale construction – in fact, Apis Cor video, but also to see with the construction of steel, so more advanced The application should have long been in the plan of the bar.