Xerox displays a “printer” that can be printed on any 3D object

Xerox’s new “Direct to Object Printer” printer can be printed on any shape of the three-dimensional objects, even if the object is not flat also does not matter. So like a helmet, a kettle or the like, or any plastic, metal, ceramic, glass made of objects can be arbitrarily drawn above. Its nozzle is only half the thickness of the hair, from about 6.3mm distance jet, about 30 per hour can handle objects and can choose 300dpi to 1,200dpi various resolutions.

Not surprisingly, Direct to Object Printer is the main selling target for commercial and industrial users, not the average consumer, so the price is as high as the US $ 145,000. If you just want to open a helmet custom pattern company and the like, it seems to be a good investment!