Sony’s concept projector will debut in the name of Xperia Touch

Last year Sony’s concept on the MWC Projector products, and finally this year with the product of the opportunity to confirm the name will be Xperia Touch in the spring to sell, the proposed price was a bit more than ordinary expectations of 1,599 euros (about 11,600 yuan). Looking back what it is like: This is like 3.5-inch desktop hard drive the same product, in fact, is a speaker, projector and … Android tablet combination – it has a short projection function and has a direct projection surface ( Wall or desktop) touch the use of intelligent products, so there is such a less popular price is not surprising. After all is still the more conservative concept of the product.

Users can use the Xperia Touch to project a 1,366 x 768 resolution screen on the wall. Specific applications include digital whiteboards, work collaborations, instrumentation, information browsing, video viewing, video conferencing, etc. – Maximum projection range Is up to 80 inches, and supports up to 10 touches. However, since it is the projection of the performance of the screen, then if the projected surface texture is too messy or not smooth, it will obviously affect the use of the experience. In this release of Sony’s MWC, we also played the official avatar as Xperia Touch this projection product, interested friends can continue to read our hands-on experience.

Master Editors try to play music on the Xperia Touch and challenge some games, in fact, in addition to playing intense games occasionally encountered some touch sensing delay problems, the experience is quite good. The only more uncomfortable, may be the touch surface and can not give you somatosensory or earthquake feedback this point, and occasionally make people think there will be an uncertainty there is no system to receive the feeling of touch, but also people pay more attention to whether the system There is a delay in the situation.

In addition to “Touch,” this smart projector also can collaborate with Google Assistant in voice and can wake up the projector with gestures. There is also a 13MP camera on the fuselage, which allows you to self-timer or to Skype for voice chat. Yes, it built a battery that can hold for about an hour so that it can cope with mild mobile use. Really, in terms of short focus projection and touch function, Xperia Touch does have its special place, but in the end it is not practical, and there is no value of 1,599 euros, it may also be to follow the in-depth test to give you the answer The Otherwise, to the current experience it seems that the price of this smart projector really is not too cheap.

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