Fire Hair Dye Changing Color Depending On Temperature

This environmentally friendly hair dye is not only environmentally friendly, but also with the temperature discoloration
Dyeing fun place, is able to change with the hair color and clearly change the personal image. If this kind of tricks can evolve again, with different conditions and change, then not more fun? The Unseen recently introduced the Fire Dyeing Agent, a special dye that allows hair color to change with temperature. According to reports, the carbon molecules in the dye will change with the temperature changes in light absorption, from red to natural hair color.

Lauren Bowker, who developed the Fire Dyeing agent, told Wired that the dye was made from “more nontoxic” raw materials, such as wrapping the stimulus with the polymer, reducing the damage to the hair and scalp, theoretically more than the traditional hair dye More environmentally friendly. Fire is making adjustments and security assessments, but they are already mass-produced. So if no accident, this new hair dye will soon be listed.

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