Fire Hair Dye Changing Color Depending On Temperature

This environmentally friendly hair dye is not only environmentally friendly, but also with the temperature discoloration
Dyeing fun place, is able to change with the hair color and clearly change the personal image. If this kind of tricks can evolve again, with different conditions and change, then not more fun? The Unseen recently introduced the Fire Dyeing Agent, a special dye that allows hair color to change with temperature. According to reports, the carbon molecules in the dye will change with the temperature changes in light absorption, from red to natural hair color.

Lauren Bowker, who developed the Fire Dyeing agent, told Wired that the dye was made from “more nontoxic” raw materials, such as wrapping the stimulus with the polymer, reducing the damage to the hair and scalp, theoretically more than the traditional hair dye More environmentally friendly. Fire is making adjustments and security assessments, but they are already mass-produced. So if no accident, this new hair dye will soon be listed.

French town completes the world’s first “solar road”

Yes, we went to France again. In a small town called Norman Tourouvre-au-Perche, the installation and opening of the world’s first solar road was used to generate electricity for the street lights (not just to make you dance on it). The total length of 1 km on the road, a total of 2,800 square meters of solar panels, spent a total of 5 million euros to build.

The French authorities and the solar panel company Colas will make a two-year assessment of the performance of the road to see if it can drive enough street light for 3,400 people. If the effect is ideal, will be extended to the whole territory of France, up to 1,000 km on the road.

The Roli Blocks suite makes it easier to create music

Music without boundaries, gently humming a few melodies can continue to develop into complex music. Just so free to create the content, or need some media to record, management, can be used in the future with it. Roli inspired the DJ panel tool, created Lightpad Block and Block series module accessories, allowing users to simply press, point, slide to create and record music melody, quite suitable for music lovers to create music.

Lightpad Blocks with white bread sizes are touch panels with a soft cover on the surface of the block, which will light up a different color box, and each cell represents a scale (up to 5 x 5), so it will be issued The corresponding sound. In conjunction with iOS app “Noise” or with a magnetic connection on the Loop Block / Live Block accessories can adjust the tone, musical instruments and other different sound settings. And that a Lightpad Block is not enough words, but also can be connected with a few more, can be used to expand the scale.

As the Lightpad Block support multi-point touch, so the user can also send it a number of syllables, by sliding, forced to press, but also issued a unique portamento and accent, so melody becomes more diversified. In the demonstration video, several musicians use Lightpad Block to play a piece of music, very interesting!

This smart pen can measure the size of any object -Instrumments 01

Although the rapid development of our technology, but when it comes to measuring the size of the object, or will use back to the old ruler or ruler, but also there are errors. The new company Instrumments thought of improving this part of the experience. This has brought Instrumments to the team that designed the product for Misfit 01: A product that combines writing tools and measurement tools, users simply need to point Instrumments 01 to the size of the object, it will be calculated for you, and apply In the three-dimensional surface it

Instrumments 01 can display, record and share your measurements on your Android phone or iPhone, and adjust the results automatically when you scale them. If the phone is not in the hands of the words, Instrumments 01 will flash to give you a light about.

Instrumments is for Instrumments 01 in the official website and Indiegogo charge orders, the first price of $ 149, will be accompanied by a $ 29 leather pen, is expected to ship on December 1. Pricing is right, but if you are doing regular measurements, Instrumments 01 may be worth the money.

Tesla SolarCity supplies its entire island with its solar system

Now Tesla has finally completed the acquisition of SolarCity, of course, to quickly show what the two cooperation can be done Hello. Tesla chose Ta’u Island in the American Samoa Islands to do the test goal, in the above established a self-sufficient micro-grid. Including a total of 5,328 solar panels with 60 Tesla Powerpack, providing a total of 1.4MW of maximum power generation with 6MWh of standby power. Ta’u Island is usually sunny, but even if the luck is particularly bad encounter cloudy days, these batteries are enough to supply Ta’u island three days time.
Ta’u Island area of ​​44 square kilometers, the population of less than 600, in the installation of solar power system before, is to rely on diesel generators to generate electricity every day to spend 1,130 liters of oil. Diesel is not only expensive but also must rely on shipping, if the schedule is delayed, then the island residents will take turns limiting. This set of solar energy system at the same time to solve the energy source and the two major problems at the same time, but also for environmental protection to do a part of it.

Of course, Ta’u Island is a “optimized” demonstration site, not only the weather is good, but the island is also no special cost of industrial and commercial activities. If replaced by an “advanced” point of the city, I am afraid that several times the solar farms enough to use it. More importantly, no one to provide exactly what the cost of installing this set of geometry (hint: government subsidies), so can not be soon to open, still between the two said.

In any case, it is hoped that this island can play a role in demonstrating human efforts to get rid of fossil fuels, at least in some corner of the world, and there is a small island that can be self-sufficient by clean energy.

Solar Road Start The Public Test In United States

The “Solar Roadways,” which had been tested for a few years ago in the United States State Road 66, entered the stage of public installation and chose one at the Jeff Jones Town Square in Sandpoint, Idaho. 13.9 square meters, a total of 30 Solar Roadways SR3 solar floor tiles power panel. It is expected that in addition to the power that can provide the nighttime ground show, it can also supply such pure energy as water spray facilities and public toilets.

In addition, these pieces look like a dancing machine tiles, in fact, also have the function of hot melt ice, and the future can also allow visitors to change the tiles of light display – if it is widely laid for Existing roads have a very good feature to enhance, but may still have to be more advanced testing and the need to continue to cost down, it is more likely to see in more public places.

It is clear that the official obviously also know that at this stage, we can not let everyone see Solar Roadways everywhere, so this time also set up a real video camera, so that the whole world can look through the network flash ah flash Solar tiles together to feel its sense of healing – in the writing of the moment, just also saw someone to go to take pictures with the “test step” it, the feeling of the Americans this stuff is still quite interesting ah.

The Best Camera Holder: OSMO Mobile From DJI

DJI are going to bring us a super camera holder for DJI drone, which is called OSMO mobile! To shoot pictures with your only smart phone, DJI makes this stable holder for drone instead of the old camera holder in DJI drone.

This OSMO is applying the same technology with Phantom 4, which is called the Active Track. This tech is helping to keep the camera stable. Why is it the best? This is the good question! Different from other phone holders, it can adjust the smartphone camera’s light, lens, and more pro features, and the biggest surprise is that the OSMO can follow your face with the smartphone camera! Cool right?

However, there are some cons in this device. The charging needs more than 2 hours, but it only works about 4 hours. The other point is, the DJI app, which controls the OSMO, will speed up the smart phone’s power consuming.