Bluetooth Speakers – Benefits as well as Drawbacks

Bluetooth audio speakers are the latest developments in the wireless speaker globe. Working on the same Bluetooth technology that permits you to share songs and files on your smart phone wirelessly with friends, these speakers offer a premium quality paying attention experience without utilizing any type of cables,as for wireless modern technologies go, Bluetooth is still in its inceptive stages, however nonetheless, supplies an engaging efficiency.

If you have a cellular phone, you’ve possibly utilized Bluetooth already. Nowadays, you could get everything from earphones as well as earphones to headsets that operate on this technology. Several modern-day laptop computers as well as netbooks additionally make use of Bluetooth to connect devices wirelessly, including speakers, headphones and also small printers.

Both common modern technologies most common in wireless audio speakers are RF (radio frequency) as well as Infra-Red. While both have their own qualities, their capability is somewhat limited. Radio Frequency, for instance, can in some cases struggle with interference as well as function problems, while Infra-Red requires the tool as well as the receiver to be in-line with each other, thus limiting mobility.

Bluetooth audio speakers, on the other hand, could function without any spatial restrictions as long as the audio speakers as well as the receiver are within 30 feet of each other. You need not fiddle around with any type of settings; the link can be developed wirelessly in between the receiver and also the Bluetooth audio speakers.


Advantages of Bluetooth Speakers


  1. – Bluetooth audio speakers typically consume much reduced power. Most of the time, you do not require a substantial exterior power adapter to keep them running. In fact, many prominent versions work on AA batteries.
  2. – One significant benefit of Bluetooth audio speakers is transportability. Lots of people use them like headphones or earphones, lugging a small pair of audio speakers in their laptop bags to be made use of outdoors. Their reduced power consumption makes them an optimal choice for such usage.
  3. – Given that these audio speakers function without cables, you will never ever have to adjust difficult cable televisions and adapters.
  4. – No installment. The connection in between the audio speakers and the tool (cell phone, laptop, etc.) can be developed instantly. You are very good at this for drivers or setup CDs.
  5. – Perfect for individual outdoor usage. If you are out on an outdoor camping journey, or investing a long time with pals on an outing, you’ll discover Bluetooth audio speakers extremely handy. Since there is no installation required, you could establish and begin paying attention to songs within mins.
  6. – Work with cellular phone, iPhones, etc. The biggest problem you should know about bluetooth speakers is that they work flawlessly with mobile phone. While various other cordless speakers utilize RF or infra-red – features that couple of cellular phone have – Bluetooth is common in smart phones. As well as considering that a lot of contemporary phones currently have music playing capacities, you can hear your preferred songs promptly.

Drawbacks of Bluetooth Speakers

  1. – Range. The device (i.e. music gamer, mobile phone, laptop, etc.) and the audio speakers need to go with more than 30 feet of each other to operate. This means that you will certainly locate it tough to play songs while sitting in one more room.
  2. – Power. Bluetooth speakers cannot take on routine speakers when it pertains to delivering raw power (i.e. power level). Their audio will be weak, lacking the richness and also depth of normal speakers.
  3. – Compatibility. While a lot of cell phones are Bluetooth qualified, numerous music players are not.


Final thought

Bluetooth speakers are excellent if you wish to hear music while outdoors. If you intend to catch up on your favorite tunes while on a picnic, in a park, or on an outdoor camping journey, these are perfect investments. However, for home use, you may intend to look at various other cordless audio speakers that could deliver more power and also much better audio quality.

DJI New Phantom 4 Advanced Camera Drone

Taking into account, the Phantom 4 will be officially shut down at the end of this month to adjust the sale of products in Xinjiang, in fact, can be expected to be things. So after the end of last year’s Phantom 4 Pro later, we also usher in a new Phantom 4 Advanced today. The biggest selling point of this new machine is to use a 1-inch 20MP sensor. At the same time it is also equipped with a mechanical shutter, can effectively prevent the process of moving the smear.

Also, Phantom 4 Advanced also has a five-head machine vision, with GPS / GLONASS positioning system, ultrasonic module and sensor redundancy can better avoid obstacles to ensure the safety of flight. In the part of the map, the control distance of up to 7 km. As for the duration of life, it will remain in about 30 minutes. For sale information, Phantom 4 Advanced with regular remote control is priced at $ 1,349; upgrade to Phantom 4 Advanced + package with integrated remote control (with 5.5 “1080p screen, GPS, compass, microSD card slot and HDMI jack) $ 1,639.

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Camera Drone should be the new best camera drone, comparing to all the drone before. If you are looking for a comparison for more top drones, you may want to check out the top 10 best camera drones review in 10 Trumps.

DJI Goggles flying glasses officially opened for sale

In October last year, we had a simple hands-on DJI Goggles flying glasses, after a long wait, and now finally to the official sale. Compared with the time, the factory has finally opened all the product details. DJI Goggles’ interior is equipped with two 1,920 x 1,080 resolution screens, and in DJI’s words, it brings almost the same view, looking at a 216-inch TV in about three meters away. Equipment and aerial equipment, naturally through the wireless connection, the current applicable models include Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 and Inspire series (the official mentioned Mavic Pro can connect up to two Goggles). It is worth mentioning that you can also use the head action or glasses on the right side of the five-dimensional button to control the aircraft, while the existence of HDMI interface, but also to connect the media playback device experience “private cinema” such a function possible.

In addition to flying glasses, DJI has also recently updated the professional Ronin series of three-axis stabilizer. The new Ronin 2 can be equipped with heavier cameras and lenses, the entire rack with a lighter carbon fiber structure, can bring a stable and reliable control experience. At the same time, it also joined a similar panorama shooting, delay photography and the like intelligent function, but also in the camera, accessories compatibility also improved.


Sony’s concept projector will debut in the name of Xperia Touch

Last year Sony’s concept on the MWC Projector products, and finally this year with the product of the opportunity to confirm the name will be Xperia Touch in the spring to sell, the proposed price was a bit more than ordinary expectations of 1,599 euros (about 11,600 yuan). Looking back what it is like: This is like 3.5-inch desktop hard drive the same product, in fact, is a speaker, projector and … Android tablet combination – it has a short projection function and has a direct projection surface ( Wall or desktop) touch the use of intelligent products, so there is such a less popular price is not surprising. After all is still the more conservative concept of the product.

Users can use the Xperia Touch to project a 1,366 x 768 resolution screen on the wall. Specific applications include digital whiteboards, work collaborations, instrumentation, information browsing, video viewing, video conferencing, etc. – Maximum projection range Is up to 80 inches, and supports up to 10 touches. However, since it is the projection of the performance of the screen, then if the projected surface texture is too messy or not smooth, it will obviously affect the use of the experience. In this release of Sony’s MWC, we also played the official avatar as Xperia Touch this projection product, interested friends can continue to read our hands-on experience.

Master Editors try to play music on the Xperia Touch and challenge some games, in fact, in addition to playing intense games occasionally encountered some touch sensing delay problems, the experience is quite good. The only more uncomfortable, may be the touch surface and can not give you somatosensory or earthquake feedback this point, and occasionally make people think there will be an uncertainty there is no system to receive the feeling of touch, but also people pay more attention to whether the system There is a delay in the situation.

In addition to “Touch,” this smart projector also can collaborate with Google Assistant in voice and can wake up the projector with gestures. There is also a 13MP camera on the fuselage, which allows you to self-timer or to Skype for voice chat. Yes, it built a battery that can hold for about an hour so that it can cope with mild mobile use. Really, in terms of short focus projection and touch function, Xperia Touch does have its special place, but in the end it is not practical, and there is no value of 1,599 euros, it may also be to follow the in-depth test to give you the answer The Otherwise, to the current experience it seems that the price of this smart projector really is not too cheap.

Google Home Hayo wants you to control the home of the device

Think that with the voice or come up with a mobile phone to control the home of the IoT things or not intuitive? Looks like Amazon Echo or Google Home Hayo, chose to use the camera for space scanning technology to provide like Kinect gesture control function, so that you only need to perform a specific action in the corner of the house, you can Control of home networking equipment such as: fans, television, lighting and so on.

Hayo’s installation is fairly simple, just connect to Wi-Fi and use only one power cord behind it, no additional connection required. After completing the setup Hayo will scan the space it faces, and then you can change the gestures and position of the trigger function via the phone app. Like, pat the corner to open the lights, put the conductor’s gestures to play music and so on.

It is said that the practicality of this product has yet to be tested to know, after all, sometimes the gesture will be disturbed, on the other hand, there may be a false touch may (just want to exercise, the results open switch off a bunch of things) , But nothing more than waving his hand on the cup of coffee that makes people feel like the head of the degree of cool. But you still have to go and get coffee.

Xerox displays a “printer” that can be printed on any 3D object

Xerox’s new “Direct to Object Printer” printer can be printed on any shape of the three-dimensional objects, even if the object is not flat also does not matter. So like a helmet, a kettle or the like, or any plastic, metal, ceramic, glass made of objects can be arbitrarily drawn above. Its nozzle is only half the thickness of the hair, from about 6.3mm distance jet, about 30 per hour can handle objects and can choose 300dpi to 1,200dpi various resolutions.

Not surprisingly, Direct to Object Printer is the main selling target for commercial and industrial users, not the average consumer, so the price is as high as the US $ 145,000. If you just want to open a helmet custom pattern company and the like, it seems to be a good investment!

Real Edition “Pong” game table start fund raising plan

Do you remember the last year’s pong game plan? Now, you have the opportunity to buy it. Because it has been the embodiment of the fund-raising project, will be able to start with the lowest price of $ 1,100 this ultra-interesting physical game table – more interesting? Look at the video after the jump to know the friends. The retro game of the 1972 game, you can use the central disk to manipulate the rectangular block to block the opponent’s offensive, the edge of the colorful lighting effects is to make the whole game table looks more brilliant. And even if the usual stood, the central scoring version will show the time it.

According to the development team’s argument, this game table uses a magnet, motor and optical sensor to achieve the effect of the real version of the game. To provide a more livable use of the table on both sides of the control, a block is also an intimate design of the cover, you can make the entire desktop becomes completely flat. Although also can not choose the side of the Logo, so that he is more into the home environment, but Xiaobian actually loves this super cool feeling ah! Also, it also supports USB charging and can be used as a speaker – the cooler is the development team also collected everyone’s advice and ready to join the money to support, will allow you to save money!

If all goes well, this fund-raising project is expected to begin shipping in December this year, want to bring some interesting furniture for home or work environment friends; you can consider to see Hello.

Tesla will provide night power for Hawaii through Powerpack

Following the demonstration of Tesla and SoloarCity in Ta’u Island in the American Samoa Islands, the self-sufficient microgrids were laid out, and now they moved to the larger island of Kauai, Hawaii, More than five thousand pieces, increased to an area of 45 acres (about 182 square meters) of 54,978 tablets. It is expected to use the 272 Powerpack produced by Gigafactory to store 13MW of electricity during the day at 53MWh’s total battery capacity for use at night.

This cooperation with the energy company KIUC will be able to effectively reduce the local electricity costs (Hawaii electricity for the United States the highest). It is estimated that with the help of this system, 1.6 million gallons of fuel will be reduced each year. Kauai Island’s short-term goal is to achieve 70% of renewable energy use in 2030 and set the ultimate goal of 20% in 2045.

Print out a house in 24 hours

It’s not surprising to use 3D to build a 3D building, but a new team from San Francisco, this time in 24 hours through their technology, directly in Russia built a 3D print house, which is really full of powerful The. Apis Cor uses a 3D printer that can be transported by a general truck on a general truck, and most of the structure of a house is “printed” by stacking it through cement, mostly because it is Such as window frames, structural fill, roof and other projects, are still rely on artificial way, but through the 3D printing of the main building, or for the project to save a lot of time, and can provide a very high design flexibility, and Can reduce construction costs.
The complete house, built by Apis Cor, covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 38 square meters, with only one floor tall and there is no foundation for the previous demonstration video. But within 24 hours will be able to produce a considerable sense of design of the shelter, with the US dollars in the total cost of 10,000 dollars, such a unit of the building, the price can basically be said to be cheaper than a lot of cars it

In addition to a lot of low cost of building, Apis Cor’s 3D printer can work in quite extreme environments – it can be printed at minus 35 degrees Celsius, but with a large tent to be affected by snow and snow. The working range of a single boom is roughly 4-8.5 meters within the radius of the center of the circle, the height is supported up to a maximum of 3.1 meters and the maximum construction area is about 132 square meters.
In fact, the current display appears, Apis Cor is mainly to show the potential of their own technology, let people understand that through the 3D printing to create a basic function of the house is not empty talk, and if you want to carry out more advanced engineering applications, see It should not be too big question. To see if they have other manufacturers can be based on this, with the traditional method to build a more large-scale construction – in fact, Apis Cor video, but also to see with the construction of steel, so more advanced The application should have long been in the plan of the bar.

AT & T’s intelligent street lights will help smooth traffic with detective shootings

Each vendor has imagined for smart cities, and AT & T has officially announced their plans on CES this year, announcing that it will work with GE to install their CityIQ sensor in a number of urban street lights in the United States Above. In addition to intelligent lighting can be adjusted, but also through the sensor to obtain a lot of additional information such as traffic conditions, parking spaces, air quality, sudden weather and even shooting events.

The plan will be officially launched from Santiago, GE’s sensor is to become a cost of 30 million US dollars part of the updated street system. By replacing 14,000 LED lamps, the city will be able to save $ 2.4 million in spending. And through the 3,200 group CityIQ sensor is through it on the microphone, the camera and other sensors to the city for each node to provide a large data sources. AT & T will carry out the transmission of these materials at a high level of security and will not be accompanied by any personal information to avoid concerns about the safety of the individual.

When the system is on the line, it will be AT & T’s M2X and Flow Designer open platform for traffic monitoring, parking optimization, shooting detection, air monitoring, weather warning and other services. And will open to the public, developers, enterprises and academic units of these information, to promote economic development to make the city more progress.